10 Must Have Accessories for the Sony Alpha A6400

Since Sony introduced the a6000 back in April 2014, it has been the most popular mirrorless digital camera all over the world, and not without its reasons. The a6000 is a very innovative camera, combining compactness, outstanding picture quality, and a very affordable price. The Sony a6000 was—and still is— a very attractive option for those looking to get a mirrorless camera.

Due to the commercial success of the a6000, Sony released additional models like the a6300, a6500, and most recently the flagship a6600, the mid-range a6400, and the entry-level a6100. Now, the Sony a6xxx line is a powerful brand on its own.

The a6400, launched in January 2019, quickly became the new favorite of the a6xxx line due to its inclusion of various new features not available on the older a6500 (which often confuses buyers due to the weird naming scheme), while being the more affordable option.

With the popularity of the Sony α6400, a lot of businesses took advantage of the phenomenon and launched a wide variety of accessories for the Sony a6000. Here, we will discuss some of the best Sony a6400 accessories and how you can take advantage of them.

Best Accessories for Sony a6400

1. Altura Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Our first recommendation is a fairly affordable (below $20) cleaning kit.

Mirrorless cameras, due to not having a mirror to shield the sensor, are more prone to dust landing on the camera sensor than DSLRs. So, if you are switching from a DSLR camera, sensor cleaning should be a new habit to pick up for your new a6400.

This kit includes an air blower, a non-toxic and alcohol-free lens cleaner solution, a lens cleaning pen, one cleaning brush, a microfiber cleaning cloth, 8 cotton swabs, 6 sensor cleaning swabs, camera-cleaning tissues, and a water-resistant carrying case. A pretty good deal considering its price.

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2. Battery

It’s no secret that one of the biggest issues of a mirrorless digital camera is the battery life. If you switched from a DSLR, keep in mind that mirrorless cameras consume battery at a much faster rate than DSLRs.

So, when using a mirrorless like the a6400, it’s wise to invest in extra batteries. Since Sony’s original NP-FW50 is fairly expensive, here we also include some third party options we have tested:

Wasabi Power NP-FW50

RAVPower NP-FW50 including dual-charger

3. Battery Chargers

It’s important to note that the Sony a6400 doesn’t include a battery charger in the box. You only get a USB cable to charge the battery (NP-FW50, as discussed above) inside the camera. This will result in a longer charging time compared to using an external charger.

Here are several options if you decide to purchase external chargers:

  1. Sony BC-TRW W: Official charger from Sony, will charge an empty NP-FW50 battery in 200-230 minutes
  2. LP NP-FW50 Battery Charger: A third-party charger, very compact and lightweight and affordable, but pretty reliable.
  3. SR Sun Room Dual Battery Charger with LCD Display: another third-party charger, can charge two batteries at one time and comes with a display indicator.

4. Sony Remote Commander RMT-P1BT

wireless remote for sony a6400

The RMT-P1TB is Sony’s official remote control for the Sony a6xxx line. Very reliable with Bluetooth connectivity and very fast (0.05 seconds) release time, even in conditions where there are physical obstacles between the Remote Commander and the a6400.

Works reliably up to 60 feet away from the camera—indoors and outdoors—, so it’s very reliable for most applications. This is also considering how the Remote Commander covers all the important camera controls from power/digital zoom, a lock switch, a focus button, and of course, shutter release. We can also hold down the shutter button for burst shooting (a new feature not included in older Sony remote controls).

You will need to update the a6400 firmware to ver. 2.00 to connect with this remote control.

5. Form-Fitted Cage: SMALLRIG Camera A6400 A6100 Cage

camera cage for sony a6400

The cage, specifically designed for Sony a6400 and a6100, has two main uses: providing an extra layer of protection and extra mounting options.

It would not block any buttons on the camera, and you can easily replace the battery and SD card with the cage still fitted. Features ⅜” and 14” threaded holes, and ARRI standard ⅜” locating holes, allowing you to use more accessories.

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6. Power Bank: Anker PowerCore (20100mAh)

Back when it was first introduced, the Sony a6000 was one of the first cameras allowing the use of a power bank to charge the battery within the camera. Nowadays, it is pretty much the norm, and with the Anker PowerCore, we can power the a6400 for an extended period or to charge the battery.

With 20100mAh capacity, this power bank provides roughly 20 times the power of a single battery.

7. Memory Cards: SanDisk ExtremePro V30

The perfect choice if you plan to record 4K videos with the a6400, the Extreme Pro SDHC cards from SanDisk are rated V30 (video speed class 30), that is, providing a sequential write speed of 30MB/s. Very reliable, and with the optimal transfer speed can maximize the performance of your Sony a6400.

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8. Screen Protector: Sony PCK-LM17

Official, semi-hard screen protector from Sony that will maintain the clarity of the LCD monitor and won’t prevent touch functionalities. An important extra protection layer for your valuable screen.

As with any screen protectors, be very careful in applying it and make sure it aligns perfectly on the first try.

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9. External Mic: Rode VideoMicro and Rode VideoMic Pro

If you plan on recording professional videos and you feel the Sony a6400’s internal microphone is not that good, you can invest in the compact Rode VideoMicro, which is much smaller than the Pro version, so it’s probably a better fit for the compact a6400. If you want extra quality, however, the VideoMicPro is the better choice.

10. Mini-Tripod: Manfrotto Pixi Evo

manfrotto mini tripod

The Manfrotto PIXI Evo Mini Tripod is a can reliably hold the weight of the Sony a6400 (can support up to 5.5lbs. Lightweight and compact, it can be a perfect addition if you are taking the a6400 on your travels. The legs can extend for additional stability and height, and you can also use the tripod as a selfie stick.

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